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In-person Craft Classes

Crack of Dawn Crafts Store

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Craft Activities is a great way to engage your child during his or her free time. The craft classes at Crack of Dawn Crafts focuses on our expertise which is paper craft. As we enter our 9th year, we consider ourselves paper artists and during our craft classes we intend to pass on this skill to our young students. 

Our In-person Summer Craft classes will be from 11am to 1pm and 3pm to 5pm on weekdays. Batches will be divided according to age

  • 6 to 8 years
  • 9 to 11 years
  • 12 and above

All materials will be provided by us and students will walk away with their own paper craft creation.

Why Craft Classes for your Child?

Crafting fosters fosters creativity as the mind works to 'create' a masterpiece. This in turns helps in creative thinking which is a valuable lifeskill to develop throughout their lives.

Crafting builds  patience and can be therapeutic in nature. At a time of instant gratification and super fast Internet speeds, crafting helps to slow things down. Glue simply has to dry and complex projects will take more time to finish. Silently working on a creative endeavour forces one's mind to focus as well as frees the mind of other concerns. 

Crafting boosts a feeling of self worth. At a time when young children have been away from social interaction leading to insecurities and lack of confidence, creating something beautiful in a safe supportive environment helps in building self esteem.